About Us

What we do

 MJP Marketing provides a means for non-direct dealers to purchase consumer electronic products from varying manufacturers. 

We also respond to the time-sensitive needs of our direct dealers by stocking various manufacturer items.

Who We Are

Michael Pupo





 Michael brought 11 years of audio/video retail experience to MJP Marketing when he joined the company in 1991. He purchased the company in 2002. 

Michael's high-level of industry expertise allows him to offer an unsurpassed level of product knowledge and technical support. 

Matt Kranis


 Customer Service, Sales



Matt joined MJP Marketing in 2018 bring over 24 years of professional leadership, development and business management in the automotive industry and public safety sectors. Matt’s education and experience are extensive in these two industries which supports his attention to detail, customer care and passion for business growth and sustainability.

Over Matt’s years prior to joining MJP marketing he owned a corporation with multiple divisions to include automotive services, engine performance, truck specialties, mobility equipment for the physically challenged and auto reconditioning. After leaving the automotive industry, Matt was employed in the public safety sector overseeing the safety and emergency preparedness in an acute care hospital setting.

All of Matt’s development overtime from his professional careers and his passion for his family, and his passion for NHRA drag racing bring a well rounded degree of representation for positive outcomes as MJP with its dealers successfully accelerating ahead of the competition.

Jack Rainey


Sales Rep

ACE Marketing/MJP Marketing

(410) 271-4665


After a 15-year career on the integration side of the table Jack joins us at MJP Marketing.

Jack’s most recent experience was with Chesapeake Systems Service where he served as general manager for 9 years.

 CSS works in both the production and custom home space, so Jack understands both the needs of high-volume dealers and the true high-end custom as well. 

As an integrator, Jack has worked with many of our brands so he will bring a unique hands-on experience as well. 

Jack works primarily in the Maryland and Virginia markets. 

Ace Marketing

Kim Fillmore


 Customer Service and Office Manager
703 876-9544 

Our office manager, Kim joined ACE in 2005 and holds a bachelor’s degree in apparel and textile marketing. 

Kim offers a tremendous background in retail customer service and sales, having worked as a sales manager at Bloomingdales; as a store manager at Ann Taylor Loft; and as a department manager at Neiman Marcus.

David Mann


Customer Service, Sales, and Operations 
703 876-9544

ACE was founded in 1987. J. David Mann III took 100 percent ownership in 1989. As a self-professed audio person and gearhead who bought his first stereo at age 12 and built his first pair of speakers at age 17, David was well-prepared for the journey that lay ahead.

David grew up in Washington, D.C., and majored in business at Indiana University. He brought more than 15 years of industry experience to ACE, having previously worked as a vice president at Paramount Distributors, as vice president of manufacturers’ representative The David H. Brothers Co. and vice president of specialty retailer Public Phone Stores.

David was an electronics buyer for the Washington area’s largest department-store chain, Woodward & Lothrop, as well as a sales manager for Delta Sales. David works directly with customers in Washington, Maryland, Virginia, and southern Delaware. He manages all day-to-day operations at ACE.

David’s passion for auto racing is keenly expressed in the ACE Marketing Group logo, with the articulated, forward-facing “A” representing acceleration and advancement.